Your furnace is critical for keeping your home both comfortable and safe over the Wyoming winter. When there’s a problem, it’s sometimes stressful thinking about whether this is the time you’re going to hear that it’s time for a replacement. Consider these three telltale signs that you should consider installing a new furnace.

1. How Old Is Your Current Unit?

The average central forced air gas furnace should last roughly 15 to 20 years when properly maintained. Some people have pushed their system to well over 20 years in some cases.

Even if your current unit seems to be running strong, you risk suffering a catastrophic failure and experiencing significantly reduced heating efficiency as it ages. If your current system is more than 15 years old, start planning for your replacement. Planning ahead allows you to take advantage of off-season savings while also avoiding an emergency replacement in the middle of a major snowstorm.

2. Repair History

Consider the cost of repairs for your furnace over the last two heating seasons. Multiply that total by the age of your system. If that equals more than the cost of a new system, it’s time for a replacement.

Conversely, consider the cost of any one repair, especially on an aging system. If it costs more than 50% of a new system for a single repair, you may want to explore replacing your system.

3. Rising Energy Costs

Finally, consider the amount of energy, both gas and electricity, that you’re consuming each month. If you see a significant increase each month over the winter compared to the year prior, you may consider replacing your unit with a more efficient one.

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