AC unitAir conditioning maintenance in Windsor, CO ensures your home stays cool throughout the sweltering summer months. This service involves a technician inspecting the unit and performing an AC tune-up. This can increase the unit’s longevity and improve performance when done regularly.

Components of an AC Tune-Up in Windsor CO

The exact services performed during an air conditioning maintenance appointment depend on the type of unit you have and anything you’ve noticed that seems wrong with the appliance. You should speak to the technician to ensure they know about your concerns or questions.

Some common issues include air that’s slow to cool, unusual noises, and unpleasant smells. The technician can look for the cause of these problems while they’re doing the tune-up on the unit.

These are common steps involved in an AC tune-up:
  • Clean or replace the air filters
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Check the condensate drain
  • Inspect the air conditioner fan
  • Inspect and seal ductwork
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check electrical components
  • Verify the thermostat and system control function properly

The goal of maintenance is to ensure everything is in the best working order possible. Not only can this extend the lifespan of the air conditioner, but it can also help you to remain comfortable indoors.

The technicians from Advanced Comfort Solutions will discuss any repairs that your equipment may require. Preventative maintenance services enable you to fix issues with your air conditioner before it stops working altogether.

Most air conditioners need to have a tune-up at least once per year. Ideally, you’ll do this in the spring before the days get too warm. This is the perfect time to verify that the unit is in the condition it should be to keep your home cool all summer.

Scheduling your air conditioner maintenance appointment early in spring enables our air conditioning technicians to get any parts needed, so you won’t have to do without cool air in your house. Waiting until the last minute or putting off air conditioner service until the unit stops working could mean leaving you in a sweltering home if you’re waiting on replacement parts to arrive.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Windsor CO

There’s no reason for you to have to live in a warm house all summer long. Instead, Windsor residents and those in the immediate area can schedule an AC tune-up with Advanced Comfort Solutions. With more than two decades of experience, our local HVAC experts understand how vital optimal comfort is in your home. Allow us to handle all of your HVAC needs, including: fixing your AC system, installing a new AC unit and even furnace maintenance plans.

Advanced Comfort Solutions is here to help keep your Windsor home’s air as comfortable as possible, so contact us today to schedule your AC tune-up.