When you’re in the market for a new air conditioner or heat pump for your home in Cheyenne, WY, energy efficiency will likely play a role in your decision about which product to buy. At Advanced Comfort Solutions, we’re proud to offer a variety of systems with different seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings. Read on to learn more about what a SEER rating is and why it matters.

What a SEER Rating Is

A SEER rating is a measure of how much cooling output a heat pump or air conditioner delivers compared to the amount of electrical input it requires. SEER is usually measured for a whole cooling season, which includes very hot days as well as moderate ones. SEER ratings range from 1 to 27. The Department of Energy requires all heat pumps and air conditioners to have a minimum SEER of 13.

Why SEER Ratings Matter

The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient a system is at cooling the indoor air. This matters because greater energy efficiency means lower operating expenses. A more efficient air conditioner won’t cost as much to cool your home. An air conditioner or heat pump with a SEER of 20 saves 35% on cooling costs compared to a system with a SEER 13 rating.

How to Choose the Right System

Each manufacturer must state the SEER value of its systems. You can find it on product literature or the manufacturer’s website. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency operate the ENERGY STAR program. If you choose an ENERGY STAR-certified system, its SEER will be 15 or higher. Our technicians can help you select a system with a high SEER rating.

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