If you have an older home without HVAC ducts or are adding a room to your house, a ductless AC unit may be a good option. The units are easy to install and offer many other benefits when it comes to temperature control. However, many Cheyenne homeowners are worried about the efficiency of these innovative systems.

What Is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

A ductless air conditioning unit is similar to a window air conditioner. A ductless system is usually designed to cool a smaller space, such as a single room or workshop. The unit has an indoor component and an outdoor component. These components are connected by electrical wiring and a refrigerant tube. You can find ductless air conditioning systems that are sized for the room in which you are having it installed.

How Efficient Are Ductless AC Systems?

Ductless air conditioning systems use a different type of technology to cool the air in a room. Homeowners in Cheyenne and surrounding areas who purchase Energy Star ductless AC units find that they save as much as 60% on their energy bills compared to more traditional designs. One of the reasons for this incredible savings is that you lose a fair amount of cool air through the ducts.

How to Boost the Efficiency of a Ductless AC System

Size and correct installation are important to maximize the efficiency of your ductless AC system. This is where you may want to seek the advice of a professional. At Advanced Comfort Solutions can help you to find the best ductless system for your residence. We also install these units for Cheyenne homeowners, so you can feel confident that the unit will save you money for many years.

Learn More About Ductless AC Systems in Cheyenne

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