Heat pump and AC With hot summertime highs and cold winter lows, your heat pump in Fort Collins, CO, is a vital resource you rely on for consistent indoor comfort. That means these units are susceptible to breakdowns, requiring qualified technicians for heat pump repair.

With most breakdowns occurring when you need your HVAC the most, having access to fast and efficient repair services is a must for businesses and homes in the region. That’s where our crew at Advanced Comfort Solutions comes in.

Addressing Heat Pump Problems

Even with the best maintenance, you will eventually require heat pump repair. Parts wear down due to extended use. We see some common problems in the businesses and homes of Fort Collins, with leaks being one of them.

If you’ve ever noticed water pooling next to your unit’s outdoor housing, it could indicate one of the following:
  • A blocked drain
  • A cracked pan
  • Dirty filters
  • An improper seal

You will want to get your heat pump looked at to avoid damage to other components. Removing blockages will allow water to exit through the drain instead of the housing.

Dirty filters will make your evaporator coil freeze, causing water to flow out of the pan. The elements can make the condensate pan crack or break, eliminating its ability to direct water to the drain. Trained technicians can identify the source of the leak and fix it.

Most of our calls for a heat pump repair get placed when the unit stops working. This problem could originate from faulty controls or temperature sensors. Thermostats can fall out of calibration due to accidental bumps, dust, or power issues. Technicians will check batteries, clean off sensors, and recalibrate your controls if necessary.

Sometimes your system will stop working due to a faulty reversing valve, the part that switches the unit between cold and hot. Fort Collins experiences four full seasons, meaning your pump goes back and forth a lot over the years. Replacing a broken reversing valve will get your HVAC back on the job quickly.

Another part that wears out over time and could prevent your system from turning on is the starter capacitor. It is responsible for activating the motors on your HVAC unit. We have installed this replacement part often enough to know it’s worth investigating on many calls.

You might also be dealing with a power problem. We’ve encountered loose wires and shorts that trip circuit breakers, and new installs might trigger the breaker due to an overload. A HVAC technician can check for electrical issues and address the cause of power loss or circuit trips.

Finally, a common problem is that the device stops cooling or heating the indoor air. While the thermostat might be the cause, the issue could stem from blockages or a low refrigerant charge.

Debris around the outdoor housing might restrict airflow, or dirt buildup on the evaporator coils could prevent them from functioning. Our HVAC technicians know what to look for. They can clear out problems and verify you have a full refrigerant charge.

Fixing Heat pump

Expert Fort Collins Heat Pump Repair

With over 20 years of experience, our technicians have the familiarity and training to handle all heat pump issues. These services extend to commercial and residential properties alike. Our family-owned business has over 70 employees, and our certified technicians are fully trained.

If you live in Fort Collins or one of the surrounding communities, just call us at Advanced Comfort Solutions for heat pump repair or heat pump replacement.