An airtight home is a home that maximizes comfort and energy efficiency. On the other hand, homes with air leaks are susceptible to drafts, uneven cooling, and higher energy bills. No homeowner wants leaks, but that doesn’t stop homes from naturally developing cracks over time. As one of Cheyenne’s leading heating and cooling companies, our customers often ask us if their properties have leaks. Fortunately, you can detect air leaks using a few simple methods.

1. Detect Large Leaks With Your Hand

Major air leaks are the easiest to detect since you can often feel them when you’re standing nearby. To find large leaks, simply walk around your home and place your hand near the seams of doors and windows. Drafts and drastic temperature changes are signs of air leaks.

2. Detect Moderate Leaks With an Incense Stick

If you couldn’t feel anything with your hand but still suspect you have an air leak, you should move on to the incense technique. To get this test started, you’ll need to turn off your home’s heating and cooling system as well as any ceiling fans you have running. To find an air leak, light the incense stick and pass it near the seams of windows and external doors. If you notice the smoke blowing inward or getting sucked outward, you probably have a leak in that spot.

3. Detect Minor Leaks With an Air Leak Detector

Some air leaks are too small to be picked up by anything but a device called an air leak detector. The detector hones in on ultrasonic frequencies and minute thermal changes associated with leaks. You can pick up an air leak detector at your local hardware store.

Your Trusted Heating and Cooling Team

After running through the list, did you find any air leaks in your home? We can help! Advanced Comfort Solutions has provided high-quality HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services to Cheyenne since 2011. We also offer hybrid systems, indoor air quality assessments, and duct cleaning. We’re proud to offer highly trained technicians, transparent pricing, and a diligent work ethic. Call us today to schedule your Cheyenne heating and cooling services.

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