At Advanced Comfort Solutions, we understand that if you want to run your HVAC system more efficiently and reduce energy costs, it is essential to know what static pressure is. In fact, understanding the effects of static pressure is very important to heating and air conditioning maintenance. The following provides a closer look at why static pressure is important in the HVAC industry.

What Is Static Pressure in HVAC

Static pressure is the measure of air resistance to flow in a duct system. It is typically measured in inches of water column ( inch WC) and is very important in the proper operation of your HVAC system. The static pressure of your system should be within a range specific to your system’s design and requirements.

If the static pressure in your system is too high, it can cause a decrease in airflow and lead to poor indoor air quality. Conversely, if the static pressure is too low, it can cause your system to work harder than necessary, leading to increased energy costs.

How to Measure Static Pressure

One way is to use a digital pressure gauge. This gauge type is a commonly used tool for HVAC technicians and technicians in other industries that measure air pressure. The gauge works by attaching it to the air handler and releasing a short burst of air. Then, you read the gauge to measure the static pressure.

Another way to measure is to use an aneroid manometer. This type of gauge has a wire-wound column with a piston that moves up and down. Then, an air gauge attached to the piston will measure the amount of air. When the system is turned on, it will take a measurement of static pressure.

The Effect of Static Pressure on HVAC Systems

Knowing how static pressure works can help in various ways. First, if the system has low static pressure, there may be an issue with the system. The most common reason for low static pressure is that the system’s filter is dirty or clogged. This will make airflow in and out slower, making it harder for air to move through the system. This means there will not be enough airflow to keep your home cool.

If your system has high static pressure, the HVAC system can work efficiently. The high static pressure will help ensure that the system has enough airflow to move the cool air throughout your home. When this happens, you will be able to keep your home more comfortable and at a better temperature.

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