Many homeowners think that there’s no such thing as an oversized air conditioner. They want the biggest AC unit there is, so their homes cool faster. Unfortunately, the size of the system doesn’t work that way. In fact, you want to have the right size AC unit based on the size of your home for a few reasons.

Your Air Conditioner Cycles

An oversized air conditioner rapidly cools a home. The AC unit cools your home so fast that it shuts off soon after starting. It will constantly turn on and off to keep your home at your preferred temperature. This power switch is terrible for an air conditioning unit and will dramatically reduce its longevity. It also increases your energy bills compared to having a right-sized air conditioner.

Advanced Comfort Solutions of Cheyenne, Wyoming, will always make sure you have a right-sized system when performing an air conditioning system installation. Our technicians are fully trained, insured, and certified so they take measurements to ensure the system installed is the right size for your home.

Reduced Comfort

Your air conditioner does two things. It cools your home, of course. It also removes moisture from your home’s air. To remove moisture, the air conditioner needs to run for a while. It won’t do that if it’s oversized. This results in your home having high humidity, which isn’t just uncomfortable but is also the environment that mold loves to grow in.


If your AC unit is too large, it can sound like a freight train when it’s operating. A properly sized air conditioning unit is surprisingly quiet. An oversized system will ruin the enjoyment of your home and will likely bother your neighbors as well.

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