4 Basic Steps to Troubleshoot an AC Problem

May 10, 2023

Air conditioners tend to act up most during the hottest parts of the summer, and you probably just want some relief from the heat. While actual repairs are best left to trained professionals, there are some steps you can take to try to solve your AC problem. Try these four basic troubleshooting steps, then call for an appointment with a technician from Advanced Comfort Solutions if your AC is still acting up. 1. Check Your Air Filter A dirty air filter can cause a variety of symptoms, from low airflow to short cycling and many in between. The common 1- and 2-inch filter requires replacing every 30 to 90 days, depending on style and your air quality. Check your air filter and try replacing it to see if that solves your issue. 2. Make Sure Your Thermostat’s Set Properly Your thermostat has a number of settings that could affect your AC performance. Check to make sure that it’s in Cooling mode and that the fan is set to Auto. Then check the time on the thermostat and your programs to see if they need adjusting. 3. Clear Around Your Outside Condensing Unit Your outside condensing unit can get clogged with...

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