How To Prevent Bugs from Coming Through Air Conditioning

July 13, 2021

Bugs usually come in your air conditioner for two main reasons. One primary reason is shelter, and secondly, they come looking for food. They always use the conditioner lines to get in your air conditioning unit. There are some proven techniques that you might apply to prevent bugs from coming through your AC unit. Caulk Out Large Gaps An effective method of keeping bugs away from your air conditioning unit is by using caulk. There are various types of caulks available in the market. Do research before and seek the best caulk for your needs. Caulk usually depends on your requirements, such as removable and malleable caulk. Use Duct Tape Check for any visible cracks around your window and the AC unit, and use duct tape to seal them. Duct tape is usually an ideal solution for an instant seal. Additionally, duct tape is beneficial and suitable for horizontal panels. However, it is essential to note that the duct seal is not a solution to all cracks. Be sure to seal large cracks using other methods. Use a Cardboard Using cardboard is a cheap and straightforward way of preventing the migration of bugs into your home through the air conditioner....

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