AC Squealing? Here Are the Possible Causes

August 16, 2022

Your air conditioner shouldn’t make loud noises if it is working correctly. If you suddenly hear your AC start to make squealing or squeaking noises, it is a sure sign that you need to have your system serviced. There are two main issues that can cause an air conditioner to make squealing noises, and both of them will eventually prevent your system from running if not fixed. Misaligned or Damaged Belt If you have an older air conditioner, the squealing is usually a sign that the belt that drives the fan motor in the outdoor AC compressor is worn out. You will also hear the same squealing noise inside the house if the belt that drives the blower fan motor is worn. Heat and moisture can cause the belt to become stretched. The belt can also start to fray or otherwise become damaged. When the belt isn’t in good condition or not properly aligned, it will start to make a squealing noise similar to a squeaky belt in a car. The good news is that the belt can easily be replaced, which will stop it from making noise. Worn-Out Ball Bearings Newer AC units no longer use belt-driven motors. Instead,...

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