Does The Outside Temperature Affect My AC?

June 18, 2020

People rely on their air conditioners to cool their homes during the hot summer months. The outside temperature has a large impact on your air conditioning system. These are the ways soaring outside temperatures affect the cooling of your home. How AC Systems Work An air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool the air. It pulls air in from your home, cools it down, and then pumps it back inside. The heat from your indoor air is released outside. An AC system also reduces the humidity level inside your home. How Soaring Outside Temperatures Affect Your AC The hotter it gets outside, the harder your AC system has to work to keep your home cool. This reduces the lifespan of the AC unit as high temperatures put a lot of strain on it. Parts wear out faster for homeowners who live in hot areas of the country than they do for people that live in more moderate climates. Your AC unit is designed to make your indoor air about 30 degrees cooler than outside. In areas where it can reach 115 degrees in the summer, getting your indoor air temperature down to a more comfortable 75 degrees means your AC system...

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