What Is a Thermostatic Expansion Valve?

October 13, 2021

You’ll need the thermostatic expansion valve for your air conditioner and refrigerator’s smooth operation. But what is this device? The valve functions automatically to maintain the required flow of the refrigerant as per your needs. The device also ensures no flooding of the refrigerant into the compressor. Therefore, your machine will always be in safe mode to prevent any damage to the compressor. However, this gadget is not responsible for the temperature variation inside the evaporator, as its name suggests. Parts of the TEV Even though different TEV’s have different parts, here are the common ones: Power element Orifice Setting spring Diaphragm How Does TEV Operate? While in operation, three main forces come to play. First, the bulb produces the bulb pressure that pushes on the diaphragm by sensing the suction pressure. Afterward, a constant spring pressure pushes the diaphragm upwards, thus countering the bulb pressure. Finally, the evaporation pressure pushes upwards against the diaphragm once the suction pressure increases. The suction pressure then comes out through the evaporator load. This pressure will vary with the operating conditions. Then, the expansion valve will either open or close depending on how the three forces balance out. The Importance of the TEV...

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