furnace installationWhen the temperature drops, you need an expert in furnace installation in Windsor, CO. If your furnace is 15 years old or more, you may notice a decline in your furnace’s performance. You may experience higher heating bills. Maybe you hear loud noises or need to adjust the thermostat frequently. These are signs that your furnace is struggling to heat your home or business. Don’t let your aging furnace struggle through another winter. Contact our team at Advanced Comfort Solutions to schedule your furnace replacement.

Windsor Furnace Installation Service

The average life expectancy of a furnace is 18 years. If your furnace is approaching the 15-year mark, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your old furnace with a new, more efficient model. If you’re not sure of your furnace’s age, check your owner’s manual or look up the serial number.

Many homeowners don’t check on their furnaces regularly. Routine checks can help you spot the warning signs that indicate you need a new furnace. Check the furnace for cracks or corrosion, which can indicate an aging unit. When the furnace is running, listen for unusual sounds.

Owners should watch for these additional signs around their home:
  • Higher utility bills
  • Cold spots in your home
  • Increase in dust inside your home
  • Musty odors

Many customers ask us how to choose the best furnace. Size is an important factor when choosing the right furnace. A furnace that is too small won’t provide enough heat for your home. You may experience cold spots in your house. A furnace that is too large produces more heat — and higher bills — than you need. When you choose a new furnace, take a look at your current unit’s size. If your current furnace isn’t heating all rooms in your home, consider upgrading to a larger unit.

Customers also ask us about choosing an energy-efficient furnace. An energy-efficient furnace saves you money on heating bills. Every furnace features an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating between 0 and 100. This rating tells you how energy efficient the furnace is over time. A higher number means the furnace uses less fuel. Lower fuel usage translates to lower energy bills.

Your Windsor Furnace Replacement Experts

At Advanced Comfort Solutions, we have over 15 years of experience providing fast, affordable furnace replacements to our customers in Windsor. We take pride in being more than just an HVAC company. We spend time getting to know our customers and their needs. We’ll recommend the best system for your home or business.

When you contact our team, you’ll enjoy friendly, personalized service from our skilled technicians. You won’t have to wait around by the phone. Our technicians will respond to your call promptly and communicate with you throughout the installation process. We offer flexible appointment scheduling so you can fit your installation around your busy schedule.

Our trusted technicians aim to make your Windsor furnace installation stress-free. We’ll select the right unit for your home or business so you can enjoy the Windsor winters. When it’s time for your installation appointment, you can trust us to arrive on time with the right tools for the job. We’ll install your furnace safely and quickly without cutting corners. Before we leave, we’ll ensure the work area is clean. We’ll test your new furnace to ensure that everything is working properly. Our team will also help you understand how to operate the features of your new system.

When you purchase your new furnace from Advanced Comfort Solutions, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great price. We offer several different financing options for buyers with approved credit.

Don’t wait for the temperatures to drop in Windsor. Contact Advanced Comfort Solutions for your Windsor furnace installation today.