A clean furnace is more efficient and better able to deliver warm air throughout your home. Regular maintenance service can take care of the deep cleaning, but a few simple steps can further prevent dirt buildup. Include these easy tasks to improve your indoor air experience.

1. Replace the Filter Regularly

This is a simple and effective way to reduce the amount of dirt being transferred into your heater. Changing the filter every three months is advised. Dustier environments may require monthly replacement. Inexpensive fiberglass filters make this a cost-effective way to keep your furnace in good working order. Check your equipment manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding high-efficiency filters. High-efficiency filters can sometimes strain the limits of the motor and reduce airflow.

2. Seal Leaky Air Ducts

A leaky duct system allows dirt to enter the heating equipment. Check exposed ductwork in attics, basements or utility areas for open or poorly sealed seams. Use a metal duct tape to seal the exterior of the ductwork. This tape keeps the warm air in and the dirt out. Metal duct tape is available at your local home building supply store. If you want assistance from a professional, Advanced Comfort Solutions offers heating maintenance services for local property owners. A trained technician from our team can make sure your ductwork is working properly.

3. Clean Air Registers

Return air registers should be cleaned weekly to stop dirt from being sucked back into the system. This is a fast way to stop the dust from clogging up a temperature control system. Add the registers to your weekly cleaning list. If an extension arm wasn’t included with your vacuum cleaner, a long-arm microfiber duster can also be utilized for this purpose.

From repairs to system tune-ups to installations, the knowledgeable team at Advanced Comfort Solutions is here to help. We’re a top-rated professional heating company serving property owners in Cheyenne. Call today for more information about how we can provide you with warm, comfortable indoor air. We also offer cooling services and indoor air quality tests.

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