One of the last things you want to encounter is a malfunctioning furnace in freezing weather. You need warm air to keep your family warm, so ensuring your furnace is in optimal condition is vital. Regular professional maintenance service can help you avoid furnace breakdowns and expensive repairs so that you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home throughout winter.

1. Checking the Air Filters

The air filters are essential for your furnace’s maximum efficiency. Over time, dust, filth, and particles can build up and clog your furnace’s air filters. Scheduling professional maintenance can keep your filters clean and free of obstructions.

2. Cleaning Your Furnace’s Ducts and Heat Registers

Dirty and clogged ducts and heat registers can block airflow and cause your furnace to overheat. The HVAC experts can clean the registers and unblock the ducts. This will improve the circulation of warm air from the furnace to every room in your home.

3. Looking Out for Leaky Air Ducts

A furnace generates the heat that passes through the air ducts to warm your house. Damaged ducts with gaping holes can cause warm air to escape. This can make your furnace work harder, translating to high power bills. You will need experts to assess and advise you on whether your ducts need to be sealed or replaced.

4. Checking if Your Furnace Thermostat Is Working

The thermostat adjusts the correct temperature for maximum comfort. You might need a technician to set the thermostat to ensure your furnace is in optimal form. The technician will advise if it is in good working condition or if you need to replace it. They may also recommend a smart thermostat, which maximizes energy efficiency and reduces overall energy costs.

5. Installing or Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are best known for cooling. However, you can use your fan during winter, too. When the direction of the ceiling fan is reversed, it helps push warm air down, thus assisting the furnace to more evenly distribute warm air. The fan helps circulate the warmth, improving the heating system’s efficiency.

Avoid a last-minute rush to have your furnace inspected. Contact Advanced Comfort Solutions HVAC experts and schedule furnace maintenance before winter. We serve Cheyenne and the surrounding areas with exceptional and trusted services. Besides residential and commercial heating and cooling services, we offer indoor air quality services, sheet metal fabrication, and environmental assessments.

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