Getting a new furnace installed in your home is a major investment. It’s important to get the best one for your home so it lasts as long as possible and works well. These are the major things you need to know when buying a furnace.

Size Matters

It’s essential you get the right size furnace for your home. If you have one installed that is too small or too large, it won’t keep your home comfortable, and it will have a reduced lifespan. The HVAC company should perform calculations so they can recommend the right size furnace for your home.


If you’re shopping for a gas furnace, look for energy-efficient models. Standard-efficiency furnaces are about 80% efficient. High-efficiency models are 90% to 98% efficient. While more efficient models cost more, they can save you a lot on your monthly energy bills.

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Single-Stage Furnace

A single-stage gas furnace is either running at full output or is off. They’re less expensive than more complex furnaces.

Two-Stage Furnace

These furnaces have low and high output. They’ll output at low production when it’s not too cold outside and at high when it’s below freezing. A two-stage furnace is quieter than single-stage ones and more evenly heat your home. They also feature a little more air filtration than single-stage furnaces, so your home’s indoor air quality is higher.

Variable-Speed Furnace

A variable-speed furnace is the most expensive option; however, it’s more efficient and the quietest furnace than the other two types of furnaces. The fan is more efficient than the other models, so your energy bills will be lower.

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