A home’s HVAC system is one of the major investments you’ll make in your home. According to Forbes, the national average for a new furnace is about $5,000, with the options ranging from about $3,000 to over $10,000, which includes the new unit, installation, and disposal of an older unit. The following factors will affect how much you can expect to pay for your new unit.

What Size System Do You Need?

Furnace size refers to the heating capacity of a unit, usually measured in either British Thermal Units (BTU) or tonnes, which is a factor of BTU. Generally, the larger the unit, the more it’ll cost. It’s important to get the proper size unit for your home to avoid unusual strain, increasing the operational costs and the number of repairs, and shortening the unit’s service life.

Are Your Installing a Standard or High-Efficiency Unit?

Next, consider the rated efficiency of the new unit. Standard efficiency systems have an efficiency rating of between about 80% and 89%. High-efficiency systems run between 90% and 98%. High-efficiency systems have modulating burners, variable-speed fans, and dual heat exchangers. All of this allows the unit to run in very small increments so that you get exactly the amount of heat you need at any moment in your home. Higher-efficiency units will usually run more than moderate-efficiency ones.

Do You Have Additions?

Do you have additional components installed on your system, such as humidity control, an air purifier, or have a zoned system? Further, do you need to have new ductwork installed in your home? All of these will increase the costs of both installation and the unit itself.

Are There Rebates and Incentives?

Finally, consider whether there are rebates and incentives you can take advantage of for your new unit. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 offers several incentives and rebates for installing a high-efficiency system. Additionally, you can reduce the overall costs of the new unit by installing it in the fall or the spring, which is the off-season for HVAC companies.

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