One large part of maintaining a functional cooling system in your Cheyenne, Wyoming home is scheduling routine maintenance service. Professional AC tune-ups are key to optimizing the performance of your air conditioner and keeping breakdowns and other repair issues at bay. Before you service your AC on your own, read on to discover the potential drawbacks of do-it-yourself maintenance and repairs.


Your Warranty Could Be Voided

Your AC manufacturer warranty, the coverage supplied by your home warranty, and all air conditioner protections provided by your home insurance plan could be voided. All of these protections come as the result of mutually binding agreements. Home insurance companies and warranty providers agree to pay for covered damages, and you agree to diligently maintain your AC equipment.


Among the most basic requirements for AC maintenance outlined in these agreements are hiring licensed professionals for all repair work and scheduling annual AC service. Allowing any unlicensed parties to service your home cooling equipment, including yourself, could leave you paying out-of-pocket when covered problems arise.


Proper AC Maintenance Extends the Lifespan of Your Cooling Equipment

Professional AC service addresses far more than the cooling system components that you can see and access on your own. It entails rigorous testing and careful calibration of the machinery as well as the replacement of all worn and under-performing parts.


If you attempt to tackle this task on your own, you may cause more harm than good. At the very least, you run the risk of neglecting or overlooking essential AC maintenance tasks and experiencing a noticeable decline in system performance as a result. Hiring a professional to perform your air conditioner’s annual tune-up service is the best way to extend its lifespan, limit your repair costs, and ensure optimum levels of efficiency.


DIY AC Maintenance and Repairs Can Cause Safety Issues

There’s also the potential for causing safety issues when tampering with your air conditioner’s internal components. From dangerous refrigerant leaks to electrical wiring hazards, there are countless reasons to leave sensitive work in the hands of seasoned professionals.


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