Finding the best time to replace your HVAC system can be difficult. Planning an installation during the peak seasons could have you fighting for your HVAC company’s attention. If you wait too long, you may be faced with an HVAC emergency. Consider planning your installation during the spring or fall seasons to maximize your comfort and savings.

HVAC Off-Season

The peak season for HVAC services is during the winter and summer. Families need constant temperature control during these months, which increases the average number of emergency calls and maintenance needs. Plan your HVAC installation during the spring or fall when your local HVAC company isn’t busy. You’re more likely to get a timely appointment when your HVAC company of choice isn’t fully booked up.

Additionally, you can usually take advantage of manufacturer promotions and better pricing during the fall and spring. Many HVAC companies offer incentives to draw clients in during the off-season. Take advantage of these savings by bundling your installation with a free thermostat upgrade or indoor air quality check. Popular manufacturers also offer amazing rebates and discounts on the previous season’s models.

It’s always best to plan an HVAC installation when you don’t need constant temperature control. You may have to go without heating or cooling for a few days while the installation process is completed. Don’t wait too long to schedule your HVAC replacement. You can begin saving on your monthly utility bills and maintenance costs today.

Trusted Heating and Cooling Company

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