When you’re considering your options for replacing the filter in your furnace, there are several ratings and options to consider. Since indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, it’s important to have a good filter in your furnace. A quality filter can remove many particles that can come from pets, outdoor sources, people, and various other places.

Understanding Ratings

The MERV, MPR, and FPR ratings are different measures of the efficiency of a filter. Regardless of which ratings you’re comparing, the higher it is, the more efficient the filter is. Highly efficient filters can impede airflow and put an increased load on a furnace, however. Most furnace systems can be adjusted to accommodate this, but check your owner’s manual.

Other Filter Considerations

You can choose between washable filters or disposable ones. Most 1-inch disposable filters have to be replaced every one to three months. Being able to wash a filter when it gets dirty can make it last much longer.

Filters also come in pleated or non-pleated models. The pleated filters are more efficient, but they have the potential to reduce the air flow through your home. They are also more expensive than non-pleated filters, but they will deliver cleaner air throughout your home. Choosing the right width filter for your specific furnace is important.

You’ll also want to get a filter that holds an electrostatic charge. A charged filter will be much more efficient at removing small particles.

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