The comfort and safety of your Cheyenne, WY, home depend on its indoor air quality. There are several common indoor air pollutants, divided into four categories. Learning more about these pollutants will make it possible to figure out the contamination level in your home and reduce it so that your indoor air quality improves.

1. Particulate Matter

Particulate matter comes from things like tobacco smoke, pollen and other outdoor pollutants that get into your home. These pollutants can exacerbate bronchitis, asthma and similar respiratory issues. Ensuring adequate ventilation and using HEPA filters can help reduce these pollutants in your space.

2. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide can come from gas appliances and the incomplete combustion of wood, gas or oil. Exposure can be life-threatening. You may also experience headaches, nausea and dizziness because of the exposure. Make sure to ventilate your space well, maintain your gas appliances and fireplace, and have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home.

3. Volatile Organic Compounds

These compounds come from various household products and activities, such as solvents and paints, building materials, furniture, cooking, cleaning products and tobacco smoke. The most common volatile organic compounds include benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and xylene. Exposure to these compounds could lead to headaches, respiratory and eye irritation and dizziness. Indoor plants that purify the air and provide proper ventilation are important for reducing these compounds. You can also opt for VOC-free or low-VOC products whenever possible.

4. Radon

Radon is a type of radioactive gas that can get into your home through cracks in your foundation. Exposure can put people at an increased risk of lung cancer. You should have a professional test for it regularly if you’re living in a high-risk area, and make sure that you promptly repair any cracks in your foundation.

Indoor air quality is vital for optimal comfort in your Cheyenne home. Our team of experts can help you identify the pollutants in your home and take the proper measures to eradicate them. Once we tackle your air quality concerns, we can aid you with your heating and cooling needs. This includes the installation, inspection and repair of furnaces and air conditioning units. We also offer duct cleanings and heat pump service.

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