The air in your Cheyenne, WY, home could be up to five times more polluted than the air in your backyard. Indoor air pollutants lead to poor air quality. At Advanced Comfort Solutions, we use these methods to measure the quality of your home’s air.

Sensors for the Measurement of the Air Quality in Your Home

If you want to have the quality of your home’s air tested, there are a few options. Some providers use handheld sensors that detect the presence of different types of pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and other gases. There are also detectors for volatile organic compounds. You can also have sensors installed in your home. They measure air quality over time, and they’re able to transmit information and generate an air quality report for a specific period of time.

Testing Strips for Air Quality Measurement

Another way to measure your home’s indoor air quality is with testing strips. These strips are typically placed away from a door, oven, shower or window. A good place is on an interior wall, about six feet up from the floor. The strips should be exposed to the air for 48 hours. The strips absorb contaminants. They are sent to a laboratory, where the levels of different pollutants trapped by the strip are measured.

Radon Detection

Radon is a common indoor air pollutant. It’s a radioactive gas produced by the natural breakdown of uranium. In many places, uranium is present in a high enough concentration in the soil for the gas to seep into your home. Radon levels in homes can be measured with a charcoal canister test kit, alpha track detector or an ion detector. These detectors must be left in place for at least two and no more than 90 days.

Advanced Comfort Solutions is the trusted provider of indoor air quality services in Cheyenne. Our heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement and installation services ensure your comfort. Homeowners also count on us for affordable tankless water heaters, ductless mini-splits, attic fans and duct cleaning. For more details about how we measure air quality, contact us today.

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